Viva International Congress

V is for vegetable: applying learning theory to liking and intake of vegetables -
how can science contribute to healthy eating habits in the youngest and beyond?

21-22 March 2013

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Thursday 21 March 2013, Gateway Building

V is for Vegetable: applying learning theory to liking and intake of vegetables – The early years of life is a window of opportunity for the development of future healthy eating habits

8:45 Registration, coffee and welcome
9:30 Professor Louise Richardson – Opening address: Welcome from St Andrews University
9:40 Professor Marion Hetherington – Introduction to VIVA: V is for vegetable: applying learning theory to liking and intake of vegetables
10.10 Professor Leann Birch – KEYNOTE – The importance of early food learning for the development of healthy food preferences & preventing obesity
10.50 Coffee break and posters
11.30 Dr Sophie Nicklaus – Eating a variety of vegetables: the importance of feeding practices at weaning and onwards
12.00 Dr Lucy Cooke – Using rewards to facilitate children’s acceptance of vegetables
12.30 Professor Kees de Graaf – Mum, may I have Brussels sprouts again?
1.00 Lunch break and networking
2.00 Small Group workshops (5) to discuss specific questions on the role of: early feeding, vegetable weaning foods, parents and food learning in developing eating habits; and on tackling low vegetable intake at population level
3.30 Coffee break and posters
4.15 Plenary for feedback from facilitators of group discussions
4.45 Professor Harriet Oster – Facial expression as a window on food and flavour preferences and aversions in infants and children
5.15 Concluding remarks from day 1
5.30 Close
7.30 VIVA Congress drinks and dinner

Friday 22 March 2013, Gateway Building

The prevention of obesity – the role of healthy eating habits and parenting

9:00 Introductions to the day’s agenda
9:05 Professor John Reilly – KEYNOTE – Early origins of childhood obesity
9:45 Dr Mary Fewtrell – Infant feeding and later risk of obesity
10:15 Professor Mary Rudolf – Contributing to healthy eating habits in the youngest – HENRY’s experience
10:45 Coffee break and posters
11:30 Dr Sylvie Issanchou – Are maternal feeding practices associated with children’s eating difficulties? Comparing reported and observed behaviours
12:00 Professor Charlotte Wright – Child and maternal determinants of infant eating behaviour
12:30 Lunch break and networking
1:30 Panel discussion – How can we be more effective in promoting healthy eating habits to prevent obesity?
2:30 Professor Jaap Seidell – Implementation of new insights into feeding
2:50 Professor Marion Hetherington – Concluding remarks
3:00 Close

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